Full HD Webcam 1080px


Technical Specs:

Colour: Black

Connectivity: USB 2.0

Features:  Auto Exposure,  Autofocus,  Built-in Microphone, Frame Rate: 30 fps, Maximum Photo Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Privacy Cap

Brand: Unbranded

This is a full HD webcam with 1080 pixels and 30 FPS. It is capable of rotating up to 360 degrees making it very flexible to be adjusted to your comfort and can be mounted on variety of objects. It comes in two models but with the same high quality resolution. The only difference is the choice of privacy cover. You will still enjoy the optimum performance of this beautiful webcam without compromise irrrespective of the model you chose. If you prefer a bit of privacy, you can chose the model with privacy cover which can protect you from unwanted hackers and online intruders else, you will be fine with the model without privacy cap.

The video quality of this beautiful gadget is crispy clear thanks to 1080 pixel and 60 degrees high resolution enhanced lens which captures and transmits images in high quality thereby surpassing expectations. The 360 degrees rotational capability and excellent resolution of this camera makes it one of the best choices for video conferencing without compromise to the image and video qualities it can produce.

This webcam is fitted with inbuilt digital stereo microphone which blends with the crispy high resolution video quality to produce a matching  sound and visual effect of optimum result during streaming without loss in quality. This is a perfect gadget for multi video conferencing with friends, families and acquiatances without any hinderance.

The webcam is compact and can easily be attached securely to different objects in different positions including laptops, monitors, conference screens and more. It is also compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems where it can be used for Facetime, Google Meet, Zoom and many chatting apps.

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