Digital Pulse Oximeter


Display: digital display
SpO2 measurement range: 0%-100%
Pulse Rete measurement range: 30bpm-250bpm
Power requirement: 2*1.5V AAA alkalinc battery
Power consumption: smaller than 25mA
Measurement accuracy: ±2%
Size: 52*30*32mm
Weight: 27g
Package Included:
1*Finger Pulse Oximeter(without battery)

Oxygen is very vital to human body and lack of oxygen can have a fatal consequence which can also result to permanent damage of body organ. Pulse Oximeter is a small instrument you can use to monitor the level of oxygen in your body system. It is so advance that it will warn you of any perceived problem. Everyone knows how Covid-19 killed a lot of people by attacking the lungs which is vital to circulation of oxygen in the body. An instrument like this gadget can be used to alert anyone of a drop in oxygen even when there are no symptoms.

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