Contactless Digital Thermometer

£25.00 £20.00


1. 32 sets of measurement data memory recall.
2. One-button measurement for easy operation, contact-free to avoid cross infection.
3. If there is no operation for 15s, and the measurer is automatically turned off.
4. The data unit can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and switching between object and temperature measurement.
5. Electronic infrared temperature measuring instrument with high accuracy, suitable for infants, children, adults.
6. Large LCD screen with backlit function.
1. Measurement Range: 32 – 42.9 °C(89.6℉-109.2℉)
2. Measurement accuracy:± 0.2 °C
3.Three-color backlight: 32 ~ 337.3 ° C shows green, 37.4 ~38.0 ° C shows yellow, 38.1 ~ 39.1° C shows red
4. Power supply: 2xAAA batteries, DC3V (not included)
5. Measuring Distance: 3-5 cm
6. Automatic Shotdown: 15seconds


This digital non contact thermometer is a must have for everyone especially parents with children. No person including children would feel disturbed during body temperature measurement becuse the instrument is unlike other thermometers where the thermometer need to be inserted either under the armpit or ear. Grab one from here at a very reduced price when compare to Amazon and other online platforms.

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